Papers about History

General Articles

Fowler SP (1862). Ornithology of the United States, Its Past and Present History. Proceedings of the Essex Institute 2:327–34. A useful summary of the major works to the middle of the nineteenth century.

Allen JA (1876). Progress of ornithology in the United States during the last century. American Naturalist 10:.536–50.  A summary of the major works, both books and papers, as well as an assessment of the progress that had been made since Thomas Jefferson’s bird list of 1776.

Palmer TS (1900). A Review of Economic Ornithology in the United States. Yearbook of the US Department of Agriculture 1899: 259–92. An excellent overview of mainly nineteenth century studies on the economic importance of birds with respect to agriculture, game, guano, feathers, eggs, and invasive species.

Allen EG (1951). The History of American Ornithology Before Audubon. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society 41: 385–591. Comprehensive, rich in detail; chronological; much more than its title suggests, including European history.

Sibley CG (1955). Ornithology. Pp. 629–59 in Kessel EL (ed.) A Century of Progress in the Natural Sciences, 1853–1953. California Academy of Sciences: San Francisco, CA. An excellent, if selective, worldwide overview with sections on ornithological journals and monographs.

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