History of Ornithology: Website & Blog

BY: Bob Montgomerie, Queen’s University | 1 Aug 2017

This blog and the associated website are products of the History Committee of the American Ornithological Society. We are launching both on 1 August 2017 at the start of the AOS conference in East Lansing, Michigan, the inaugural meeting of the new society. The AOS was born in 2016, the (brain)child of the Cooper Ornithological Society and the American Ornithologists’ Union. So this is a particularly appropriate time for us to look back at the history of our discipline which, as it says on the home page, is particularly rich with characters, discovery and adventure.

Please subscribe to this blog for weekly updates via email  (see right sidebar). This is a relatively painless way for you to keep abreast of our postings and for us to gain some measure of the interest in what we are writing about.

BLOG: At least at the outset, we will post once a week on Monday morning, with an article about something that we find interesting in the history of bird study. There is a wealth of material to post about and we will try to make these posts informative, interesting and factually correct. We welcome your corrections, comments, feedback, and insights. We also welcome guests posts from anyone, subject to review, and will solicit guest posts from experts who we think might have an interesting story to tell, or insights into the history of ornithology.

WEBSITE: The goal of this site is to be a central information source on the history of ornithology worldwide, providing information, links to other sites relevant to the history of ornithology, and archival material in digital form. We are in the early stages of putting together this material and will post notice of significant additions to the website on this blog. Like the blog, we want this website to be accurate and information rich so we welcome your suggestions, comments, and feedback.

The poster below is at the AOS booth at the conference in East Lansing.


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